Embroidery Formats

Embroidery Formats Provided by Impact Digitizing:

Impact Digitizing offers applique embroidery digitizing services that are high-quality, dependable, and cost-effective. We have been providing great embroidery digitizing services for the past 5 years. Impact Digitizing provides custom digitization services, embroidered digitization, side sleeve digitization, appliqué digitization, 3D puff digitization, vector art translation, back jacket digitizing, cap digitizing, logo digitization, side sleeve digitization, and much more.

We cannot overlook the role of software in the digitization age. The software program in the digitizing sector, however, differ due to the large number of sub-domains. The complexity of the design and the convenience of usage determine which type of software is required. It is a good step to have a fundamental understanding of embroidery editing software, regardless of your expertise in the digitizing sector. Here is the some softwares that our professionally use by digitizing companies.


  • Wilcom Embroidery Studio
  • Tajima Pulse DGML
  • DesignShop V10 (Melco)
  • Embird

Digitizing File Format Accepted:

We support a wide variety of image formats. A computer-generated, hand-drawn, or scanned image of the finished product can be provided to us. We should be able to convert the image into digitized form for you as long as it is clear. Please keep in mind that the higher the quality of the photograph, the more likely we will be able to provide an excellent digitized result. Line-art or vector files, such as Illustrator (eps) or CorelDraw, are ideal for accurately replicating a logo (cdr). Other file kinds, such as PDF, TIFF, and JPG, function well as well. High-resolution art works well, although it can be difficult to distribute by e-mail; in that case, uploading directly to our website is advised.

If you have a low-resolution file, embroidery digitizers will have to interpret and recreate the design. If you don’t have vector graphics, send it nonetheless and we will let you know before we start digitizing your embroidery. The following graphic file formats are now accepted for digitization: EPS, CDR, AI, PDF, JPEG, HPGL, TIFF, DXF, and AutoCAD. For your digital product, Impact Digitizing offers a wide range of file types. Whether you’re using a Tajima or a Barudan, we will be able to meet your requirements.

Our digitizing software will export embroidery digitizing images to many industry standard formats:

  • Brother
  • Tajima
  • Barudan FMC & FDR
  • Toyota
  • Happy
  • Singer
  • Melco

We can output following embroidery digitizing formats:

  • dst
  • exp
  • pes
  • hus
  • cnd
  • emb
  • sew
  • jef

Understanding the File Formats for Embroidery Machines:

A digital file that can be read by an embroidery machine is known as a machine embroidery file format. It could be in any format, including DST, PES, BMP, and others. The diverse formats indicate the many manufacturers and models available to embroiderers. Embroidery machines do not have the ability to run Windows or Mac applications. Rather, they have their own, which the manufacturer has preinstalled.

They are programmed in a language that only their machines understand, so conventional PC image files will not work. As a result, anyone who wants their design embroidered will need to have their file converted to a machine-readable format. To complete this assignment, he will need to contact a digitizer who will work on it using suitable software. The conversion is a laborious procedure that cannot be automated.

Because there are many different models of machines, when you approach a digitizer, ask him what format you need. If you do not tell the digitizer what format you want, he will give it to you in DST, which is the most generally used format. However, in some situations, the machines will not understand it, and you will need to request another from the digitizer.

Converting JPG to EXP for Embroidery:

Melco and Bernina embroidery machines, unlike those from other manufacturers, require a specific file format to operate. Because a traditional JPG file cannot be read by the machine, every embroiderer needs convert jpg to exp for embroidery. There are numerous inauthentic methods to try, but they will only waste your time and yield no or very poor results.

The only method for converting jpg to exp for embroidery that has been proven is to do it yourself or hire an Embroidery Digitizer to do it for you. We are extremely opposed to adopting an auto-generate methodology to finalize the designs. It will ruin the pattern, causing an irregular stitch flow and wasting a lot of materials. When you’re in a rush and need your logo created quickly without sacrificing quality, always use Impact Digitizing team of digitizers. Our team can deliver swiftly, but an individual is more likely to fail in a time of necessity.

100 percent Accuracy:

We understand how critical it is to have the exact pattern embroidered to meet your consumers’ needs. That’s why, at the best price, we guarantee top quality embroidery digitizing by our team of professional digitizers. Our top priority is your complete pleasure!

Embroidery Done Correctly:

At Impact Digitizing, our mission is to provide clients with the highest quality and most consistent digitizing services possible across the whole operational spectrum. We have the resources and skills needed to ensure the highest standard and timely delivery of bulk orders as one of the industry’s most experienced and reputable organizations. Our master digitizers were hand-picked for their passion, abilities, and experience in the field, and we ensure that they stay up to date with modern industry needs through intensive training sessions.

Why should you choose us?

We are your one-stop solution for all embroidery digitization work, with the fastest turnaround time, leading digitizers, and a vast infrastructure. While few can match our quality standards, we nonetheless keep all of our services at incredibly low prices to make them accessible to all individuals and organizations.

For all embroidery digitizing services, we are just as good a partner for large companies as we are for small and medium-sized companies. Impact Digitizing offers a team of master digitizers who can reproduce consistent artwork regardless of its complexity or intricacy. Any artwork or embroidery design can be transformed into excellent quality seamless digitized files by our dedicated and professional digitizers.

What We Do?

In the event that you are new to Embroidery digitizing, let us portray you about what we do. Clients will transfer/send us logo, example, photograph or some other imaginative craftsmanship and afterward our plan specialists will change over it into an advanced record in certain configuration/language that the weaving machine can execute and join it out. We are utilizing most recent expert programming projects like Wilcom, Pulse, Compucom, Wings, and so on for Embroidery Digitizing services.

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3D Puff Digitizing

3D Puff Digitizing is widely used during custom hat embroidery digitizing.

3D Puff Digitizing

3D or PUFF embroidery is a simple and unique technique to use foam under embroidery digitizing which raises the design gives the impression of 3D.

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Applique Digitizing

Applique digitizing is a great way to add exquisiteness and appeal to everyday clothing.

Applique Digitizing

Applique is the way of decorating the apparel or design’s overall look. This is the reason why it needs lots of focus and effort in finishing in any design.

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Cartoon Face Vector

Create your own cartoon face with high quality details.

3Cartoon Face Vector

Create your own cartoon face with high quality details. Change your DP with eye catching illustration. Full color, High Quality and Realistic look.

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